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We offer a wide range of activities such as team building, cultural programs, evening events and entertainment, and much more.


Activities & Team Building

Team Building activities are a great way to build relationships and providing them with action filled programs can be a very effective way to boost morale and improve team spirit. A team that works well together is more effective, more productive, and more successful.

CREATIVE DMC offers a variety of team building activities for the adrenaline seekers such as paintball, go-karting, 4×4 self-driving treasure hunts, mountain biking and speed boat trips. For a more relaxing experience, we can offer nice activities like fruit picking, traditional excursions, relaxing cruises.

Let’s not forget our environment with our “eco-friendly” activities allowing nature lovers to preserve the beautiful natural landscapes that Cyprus has to offer around a beach cleaning activity or by planting trees in areas affected by forest fires. There are plenty more unique ideas and a completely customized program will be arranged taking into consideration your wishes, new ideas and unusual specifications you may require.

Let us create a program just for you!


Team Building Cyprus


Evening Events & Entertainment

Here in Cyprus we are well known to enjoy the finest things in life and we mean good food, wine, music, dance and friends… We are welcoming all visitors with our Cypriot hospitality.

With our innovative ideas, all tailored especially for you, we have a wide range of evenings that can be offered… It could take place in a traditional rustic tavern, in an elegant gourmet restaurant, in one of our famous clubs by the sea or even at one of our archaeological sites. Wherever you choose, a lot of new memories will be created.

With a country full of history, mythology and magic, why not take advantage and enjoy a themed event with bygone eras which are revived with costumes, mythological nights in historical sites, beach parties with music entertainment and other events that guarantee you an unforgettable experience.

Cultural Programs

Cyprus has one of the oldest civilizations in the world dating back 10,000 years and we will be glad to help you discover all of our treasures.

There are so many cultural things to see in Cyprus, from ancient prehistoric sites, Greco-Roman theatres, exquisite mosaics, to skillfully painted Byzantine churches on the UNESCO world heritage list and all of this can be combined with adventure.

Become the new Indiana Jones in Cyprus or just admire the beauty of what was left behind.


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